Most with least

Our ambition is to achieve the most positive social and economic impact with the least negative impact on the environment.

We do this by questioning whether buildings are really needed

by propagating the reuse of existing buildings and infrastructures

by following the rule of the most minimal intervention

by thinking as developers, not only designing buildings but also their programs, the hardware the software, and their integration

by propagating the rethinking and abolishment of atavistic building standards

by creating effective architectures that act as a climate system instead of efficient buildings that rely on fast aging machines to function

by developing long-lasting, repairable, and reusable buildings resilient to change by their openness and their generosity

by integrating the old and the new, the building and the ensemble, the architecture and the landscape

Design / development / planning

We believe that respect for the existing is the best precondition for any new development. We take the existing, multilayered resources, and energies of a given site, such as buildings, residents, neighbors, plants, materials, layers of history, or climatic conditions very seriously. For us, our work does not start with a design but with a discovery and knowledge development process.

We are creative partners for ambitious clients who want to see their architectural needs and dreams realized at the highest level. We help you to discover possibilities and develop unexpected qualities of your property or building stock.

Amplifying the existing and thinking in lifecycles are the foundations of our work towards robust, long-lasting, generous, and valuable buildings that are flexible and allow multiple uses in the long run.

The main principles in our work are integration and amplification: the integration of old and new, the integration of our architecture in its natural or built context, the integration of building systems and structure, the integration of functions, needs, and local factors in a comprehensive spatial and creative concept.

By discovering and amplifying the existing spatial, material, natural, energetic, social, historic or architectural potentials we are able to achieve a maximum of qualities with a minimum of effort. Ultimately, it is not a merely formal or material quality that matters, but the capability of buildings to generate a connection between themselves and their inhabitants, between inside and outside, nature and architecture, history and the present.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of architectural services. Besides designing, constructing, and realizing interiors and buildings, we also research, program, and develop on an urban scale.

From our offices in Munich and Berlin, we are working throughout Germany.

Our pleasure in architecture originates in the coherence of thought and form and the generosity of space and light.


On a high professional, creative, and technical level, we direct the realization of architectural projects.

The bidding and tendering process, as well as site management and project control, are essential parts of the architectural development process. Generally, we will take on these duties in addition to the design assignment. On large-scale projects we collaborate with long-time partners who are specialized in the aforementioned project phases, thus contributing additional know-how and quality to the entire process of project realization.

On the building site, the quality achieved depends strongly on the competence of the contracted companies. The professionalism and craftsmanship of staff as well as a willingness to push limits and achieve something as close to perfection as possible, we consider crucial aspects in our selection of partners. In addition to the 'classic' ways of finding construction partners - like a public or selective tendering – we have a valuable network of highly skilled companies and innovative suppliers with whom we directly collaborate in high-grade projects.


We have extensive experience in taking responsibility for coordinating planning teams or even delivering full construction project design services. In certain cases, it makes sense to transfer all planning tasks to one partner who takes overall responsibility, including client tasks such as project coordination and tenant care.

To deliver a holistic and comprehensive result, we compile a competent and appropriate team for each project, drawing upon our growing national and international network of experienced architects and external specialists.


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