0030 Waldmann-Stetten Barracks:
Urban Plan based on Existing Stock

City of Munich
90.000 sqm
Meier-Scupin & Petzet
Muck Petzet, Christoph Mayr, Peter Moos

Deviating from the competition brief, the functions demanded were accommodated to a large extent within the fabric and infrastructure already present on the barracks site. The aim was to further develop the existing potential of the place, rather than assuming a ‘tabula rasa’ approach. Despite great ecological and economic advantages of our approach, a proposal for an entirely new development won.

In our plan, the existing buildings were used to distinguish between four city quarters, each with its own character and built in a different way. The existing stock was supplemented, extended, retrofitted, repurposed and re-used. In the middle of the site an artificial and dynamic park landscape was created which includes an underground garage. Together with the curved residential platform, the park forms a connection and transition to the bordering Olympia Park.


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