0151 Geschwister Scholl:
Elderly Housing Complex

town of Leinefeld-Worbis
3.760 sqm
Muck Petzet und Partner Architekten
Muck Petzet, Sarina Arnold

In the city of Leinefelde, experiencing renewed growth, a derelict school was removed to clear space for a new building site located close to the historic centre. The housing company WVL took this opportunity to propose a plan of high quality apartments that complements the existing 'Plattenbau' housing stock. All apartments are entirely step-free and directly connected to an underground garage with elevators. Both buildings offer a wide range of different apartments that mainly cater to the growing housing demand of elderly people. Many left after the reunification to live in detached single-family houses and now want to move back into the city centre.
The concept – which was named after the Scholl brothers and sisters Hans and Sophie (readopting the name of the former 'Geschwister Scholl Schule') - underwent a total redesign after the competition in 2009. The buildings are optimized for high quality living conditions while at the same time keeping the apartments affordable. Two interlinking -l-shaped volumes create different outdoor spaces, thus preserving the precious trees that used to be a prominent feature of the schoolyard.


Muck Petzet Architekten

Architekt BDA Dipl.-Ing. Muck Petzet
Landwehrstrasse 37
D - 80336 Munich
E-mail: sekretariat(at)muck-petzet.com

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