0139 Leherheide:
Orientation and identity for the neighbourhood

Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung
22.000 sqm
Muck Petzet Architekten
Muck Petzet, Sarina Arnold, Gergana Dragneva

The ability of the classical modernity to take on the future is demonstrated by the possibilities for progress, development and refining it offers. Clear, existing structures shape the background for a spectacular connection between architecture and nature, which was a motif of modernity. In the existing, new qualities can be discovered and developed through a modular building system. The seemingly strict structure proves latently adventurous. The community becomes evidently empowered by the visibility from afar of the use of the roof of the high-rise. Through the “air tower” project, which does not negate the existing but develops it, the whole neighbourhood of Leherheide can be cost-efficiently and sustainably upgraded. Climate justice starts by using the embodied energy of the building, in terms of capacity and in terms of materials.


Muck Petzet Architekten

Architekt BDA Dipl.-Ing. Muck Petzet
Landwehrstrasse 37
D - 80336 Munich
E-mail: sekretariat(at)muck-petzet.com

The architect Muck Petzet is member of
the Bayerische Architektenkammer
(Bavarian Architects Association),
Waisenhausstraße 4, 80637 Munich,
membership no. 172838.

The authorisation to use the professional
title "architect" arises from the inclusion
in the architects′ list of the Bavarian Architects
Association. The architect Dipl.-Ing
Muck Petzet is subject to the legislation
and professional regulation of the Bavarian
Architects′ Law (BayArchG). The text of
the BayArchG can be read on the homepage
of the Bavarian Architects Association

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